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European Imports Food & Deli

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European Imports Food & Deli has been in business for 10 years. We are a family owned business, a traditional deli and gorcery store. European Imports is dedicated to brining home-cooked ethnic food to your table. We offer a wide variety of polish meats,deli meats,imported cheeses as well as homemade sausage always fresh.Our fine selection of groceries are imported straight from poland anything from chocolates,candies,preserves,condiments,soups,mixes,dairy foods to fresh pickles,vegtables,salads,sauerkraut as well as european cosmetics and magazines.Our bakery offers daily delivered pastries,cakes and breads.We also freshly bake our own french breads,rolls and buns everyday all day.Our kitchen is proud to provide polish traditional dinners, freshly made salads and daily made soups hot and ready for take out prepared by our chef.

some facts about us

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening, we’re offering groups of 10 or more that book an area in our bar a complimentary bottle of Champagne.
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