Authentic European Home Cooking


If you have ever lived or traveled in Europe, you will know that there is nothing quite like the scent or taste of freshly baked bread and pastries. Thankfully, if you are feeling homesick, we can help.

Do you love European fresh bread and pastries? If so, you’ll love our on-site bakery.

Just like in places like Kraków and Paris, we bake our own fresh bread daily. Even better, we can bake to order all your favorite bread, cakes, and European deserts.

Authentic European Home Cooking

As well as a fully equipped on-site bakery, our Homer Glen  store location offers commercial and takeaway catering from our own on-site kitchen. Here, our team of European cuisine experts can prepare all your favorite soups, salads, and even traditional European sausages.

Are you looking for a taste of home? If so, look no further than European Imports Food and Deli

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